Unity 2 Youtube

Upload videos from your game directly to your channel in facebook!

Get it HERE, Link to unity forums post (For support): HERE

Do you want to start a new e-Sport? integrate this plugin in your server and you will be able to automatically (or not) upload gameplay videos to your youtube channel.

Very easy and flexible integration, you will just need to add our ffmpeg component that will take care of recording videos from the chosen camera and save them to the disk.

From there you have limitless posibilites, once the video is recorded you can use our automatic youtube uploader to automatically upload the video, and even post it on your Facebook page! every thing controlled using a simple json file (if you need help contact me in the unity forums and I will gladly help you). The plugin includes an example using this characteristic.

Also you can develop a special version of your game to follow the action and record the video changing the camera dynamically, like the most famous e-sports and sports broadcasts!

We use this plugin for our own facebook game “Just draw it!“, check its youtube channel, we are automatically uploading videos for winning rounds!

For now, it only supports Windows 64bits binaries (limited by ffmpeg) and it doesn’t encode the sound. If we see enough support from the community we will add sound support in a later version.

Full source code is included, as well as an example scene. I use this asset for my own projects, so I will keep improving and expanding it.

If you have any comments, doubts, feature request or find some control misbehaving just let me know in the forum’s thread