Just Draw it!

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JustDrawIt - 2

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Selling points:

  • Simple: easy to use
  • Synchronous: no need to send the drawing to the server and wait for the other players to guess it
  • Massive: up to 100 players per game room
  • Multiplatform: iOS, android, windows, osx and WiiU
  • Multilanguage: everybody can play together, regardless of the language, the game takes care of it

Core gameplay:

  • The player starts directly in the game session, there is no menu, no tutorial (just small unintrusive hints)
  • Another player is drawing something, and up to 100 other players are trying to guess it
  • The player can see other people’s guesses in his own language
  • The player can try to guess using his own language
  • If the player guesses the word correctly becomes the drawer
  • If other player guesses the word he becomes the drawer
  • The next drawer will be selected randomly if nobody guesses the answer in the given time


  • Selling new drawing material: brushes, pen colours, papers, etc…
  • VIP features: creating private rooms, choosing custom words…


  • Invite friends
  • Galleries, hall of fame
  • Leaderboards


  • Achievements
  • Player progression graphs